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  • ABG Sundal Collier acquires Introduce

    ABG Sundal Collier AB ("ABGAB"), a part of the ABG Sundal Collier group ("ABGSC") is pleased to announce the acquisition of the leading Swedish investor relations- and sponsored research platform "Introduce". currently offers comprehensive financial information and professional analysis on small and medium sized listed companies in Sweden and serves approximately 100 companies in the mid cap- and small cap segment that are listed / traded on the Nasdaq OMX main market, First North, AktieTorget and NGM. Introduce has been a pioneer in its segment and currently reaches out to more than 350,000 investors.

    This acquisition fits well into ABGSC's strategy of broadening the service offering towards Nordic corporations and follows our recent launch of a corporate sponsored research product.

    "Our objective is to combine our premier position within corporate finance and institutional research and sales with a broadened service offering towards corporates in the small and mid-cap segment. ABGSC shall be the obvious alternative for all companies requiring corporate advisory and -financing services in the Nordic market", says Karl Berglund, Managing Director of ABGAB.

    Following this acquisition, ABGSC will provide the most extensive Nordic equity research universe with close to 400 companies under coverage.

    "We find this transaction to be very exciting for the ABGSC. Introduce will not only further improve the knowledge about ABGSC to a broader audience, but also provide us with the best possible platform for expanding these services to the other Nordic countries", Knut Brundtland, Group CEO.

    The transaction is subject to an approval from the Swedish FSA ("Finansinspektionen") and will, if approved, be effective on 1 June 2018.

    About ABG Sundal Collier

    ABG Sundal Collier is an independent Nordic investment banking powerhouse, established for more than 30 years, founded on a hard-working partnership culture and the ability to attract and develop top talent.

    Our strategy is to be an advisor and an intermediary, and our core product offering comprises corporate advisory, corporate financing and investor research and brokerage services.

    Our corporate advisory team offers unparalleled transaction experience in combination with the value of our long-standing connections to regional and international investors and corporations. Our market-leading Nordic and international securities distribution platform provides access to financing for corporates and is well set up for naturally matching trading flows and delivering best execution for clients.

    We provide our in-depth industrial knowledge across a broad range of sectors in our Nordic home market to companies and investors in the Nordics and internationally.

    Our approx. 260 partners and employees are located in the Nordic offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and in offices in the key international markets of the US, the UK, Germany and Singapore. Read more
  • Ex dividend of NOK 0.50 per share today

    The shares of ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA (ASC) will today be quoted ex. NOK 0.50 per share, reflecting the decision in the Annual General Meeting to pay a dividend of NOK 0.50 per share to shareholders as at 26 April 2018. Shareholders will receive the payment on 8 May 2018.

    Geir B. Olsen, CFO +47 22 01 60 35 Read more
  • Share transaction

    ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA ("ABGSC") has today sold 350,000 ASC-shares to a partner on a forward contract with settlement 1 June 2023 at a price of NOK 6.42 per share. The price is reflecting the restrictions imposed on partner shares.

    ABGSC owns 20,128,439 treasury shares. The company has forward contracts with partners purchasing a total of 43,755,200 shares with settlement in 2018 - 2023. ABGSC has authorization to re-purchase its shares in the market or to issue new shares.

    Contacts: Geir B. Olsen, CFO +47 22 01 60 35 Read more

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